Free Worldwide Release of Let My People Go! (One of the most censored documentaries in the U.S.)

Raul Garcia (for WA Senate) represented by his wife Jessica at the Bainbridge Island Republican Women's Club on May 8, 2024

Congressional Gold Medals for Veterans of World War II -Interview with 101 year old combat veteran Harvey J. Drahos

WA Six Initiatives Rally Feb. 23, 2024

Tim Eyman Visits Puget Sound Patriots Feb '24

Matt Shea at Rally For Your Rights

The Middle East Problem-Dennis Prager

Allen West Rocks With A Truth Bomb

The War on Children

Teacher and 7 Others Fail in Case to Remove Trump from Kitsap Ballot

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas leader and militant-turned-Israel-activist, took the floor at the UN Wednesday to criticize the Palestinian Authority.

David Horowitz-Addresses Muslim Student

Letitia James

All Ages Sex Shop in Port Orchard

Semi Bird Candidate for Governor speaks at Puget Sound Patriots 2023 Picnic.

Semi Bird Visits Port Orchard

San Joaquin Sheriff Impounds over 80 vehicles!

Biden Gets Booed!

Lindsey Graham is a cat!

"....The fact that so many progressives in the U.S. claim to have some metaphysical authority to determine actual physical reality is an appalling combination of arrogance and ignorance. The fact that so many dominate a field supposedly devoted to educating young Americans borders on a crime..." src:

Rosie Garb speaks at Puget Sound Patriots July 2023

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