On May 2, 2024 a couple of our PS Patriot members had the privilege of attending a Purple Heart Sign Unveiling and Congressional Gold Medal Awards ceremony in Clocktower Park, Dupont Washington. The ceremony honored World War II Combat Veterans including 101 year old Harvey J. Dahos who also kindly gave some military public affairs personnel from JBLM an interview. The Lincoln Day Dinner (March 9th 2024), hosted at the Kitsap Golf and Country Club, showcased speeches by media personalities Jason Rantz and Glen Morgan.

Glen Morgan covers investigation of alleged theft of political signs by North Kitsap School District Superintendant!!!!

Pentagon Sells Off Trump Border Wall

Hamas Massacre (OCT 7 2023) - Anyone think this isn't pure evil?
(Warning: You cannot unsee this video.)

Trump Judge Faces Online Backlash

People are asking valid questions about the case against Trump being prosecuted by Letitia James... like:

  1. What standing does a plaintiff have to sue over property valuation in loan deals in which he/she is not a party to?
  2. Since lending institutions appraise properties with 3rd party appraisers and no bank or appraiser is a plantiff, where is the crime?
  3. Where is the injury that is the reason for the suit?
  4. Why did the NY AG disregard statute of limitations?
  5. Why is an Attorney General (who campaigned on "getting Trump") not recusing herself from the case? Worse, why is the judge allowing her to prosecute this case?

Trump or Death Flag

Trump Correct Again
"Once again, detractors who say that Trump is always wrong are nearly always wrong."

Pelosi's Big Mistake

Enrique States Feds Asked Him To Lie About Trump

J6 Flight Attendant Persecuted

Arizona Court Confirms Steal

52000 acres in proximity to Travis AFB sold to..?

Silicon Valley Billionaire investors in Flannery Associates (97% American capital) are behind the purchase of thousands of acres near Travis Air Force Base (northern CA)... In July the Wall Street Journal reported that in the last 5 yrs, the Associates spent $800 million+ on land zoned for agricultural purposes in northern Solano County....The mission of Flannery Associates is to buy up a patch of brown, arid hills between the suburbs and rural areas and convert it into communities for tens of thousands featuring public transportation, clean energy, and dense urban life. NOT EXACTLY AGRICULTURAL USE! This is the UN's Agenda 21 in action and how the globalists control people..intentional food shortages?!? Welcome to a land where you can no longer own property because it is controlled by the elite.

Democrat Victim Now Talks Tough

Harvard Dead Last

Eyman's Last Stand