Puget Sound Patriots Guiding Principles

(Approved Oct, 2023)

The Puget Sound Patriots promote the conservative values from which our sovereign nation was founded, and through which it has protected the freedoms, liberty and growing prosperity of our people. We work to encourage our lawmakers and to hold them accountable to protect our values, freedoms, and individual liberty. We believe that by holding true to these values, the United States of America has become and will remain an exceptional nation and leader of the free world.

Constitutionally Limited Government

- While the United States is a sovereign nation among nations, the power and rights of sovereignty reside with the people and not with the government. Governing should be done at the most local level possible where it can be held accountable by its citizenry. We believe that the Federal government’s power should be limited and constrained as enumerated in our federal and state Constitutions, and the Bill of Rights. Personal Liberty and personal responsibility are paramount.

Individual Liberty Including Property Rights

- We believe that individual liberties and property rights are the first and last line of defense against tyrannical governments. With no property rights, all property is owned by the government and it is the government’s decision to do whatever it wants with all property. With no individual liberties, our freedoms are controlled by the government instead of the government being controlled by the people.

Fiscal Responsibility

- We are committed to reducing government spending and government debt. We believe that the government should not overspend and pass unnecessary debt to following generations. We oppose taxes and regulations that hurt small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit that helped build our country.

Free Market economics

- Fair, moral and ethical free market economics has made the United States an economic superpower that has given generations of our people, and the world, more opportunities and higher standards of living. Focusing on free markets and less government regulation will lead to a more vibrant economy, job creation and higher standards of living for present and future generations .