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Jesse Young Candidate for 26th Legislative District 2024 Visits Puget Sound Patriots-
"We are one vote away from a Super-minority"

Sean Murphy for Kitsap County Commissioner

Dr. Raul Garcia for U.S. Senate

On May 8th 2024 Dr Raul Garcia was slated to speak to the Bainbridge Island Women's Club in his run for the Senate. He graciously sent his wife Jessica in his place...

What Dr. Garcia was doing...

While Jessica drove to BI and spent a wonderful evening with us... Raul worked on a young man who overdosed on fentanyl. He spent 8 hours trying to keep the man alive, but the man eventually passed away. Raul then stayed at the hospital until the family of the deceased man arrived to be with them and comfort them. There were other drugs in the young man's system, but it was the fentanyl that killed him. Fentanyl is a scourge facing our country! The brother of the deceased young man is also in recovery and told Raul to win and to rid us of this thing!

This is the face of Dr. Raul Garcia's Campaign for US Senate.

Thank you to all who came out last evening to Seabold Hall. It was unfortunate that Dr. Garcia could not be with us but we greatly appreciated meeting his wife, Jessica, who drove from Yakima just for our meeting to honor her husband's commitment. Jessica gave us a first hand account of Raul's early life in Cuba and how he came to be a U.S. citizen and discussed his positions on key topics. One person at the meeting asked how Dr. Garcia would be able to juggle being a surgeon and Senator at the same time, and learned that when you get elected to a Senator's office you must give up your duties as a doctor by law!

Get information/support Raul's campaign for U.S. Senate: Garcia for WA
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Pete Serrano for WA Attorney General 2024 Rumble Vid

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Senator Drew MacEwen for 6th Congressional District speaks to SSRW June 10, 2024

Semi Bird Visits Port Orchard

Semi Bird Candidate for Governor in 2024 speaks at Puget Sound Patriots 2023 Picnic.

Open Letter from Loren Culp to David Reichert (In support of Semi Bird for Governor)

Dave Reichert at SSRW